Workplace Code of Practive Workplace Traffic Management

In Australia we are bound by the WHS Act and Regulations as well as the often over looked Code of Practice Workplace Traffic Management Workplace Traffic Management are here to help businesses Australia Wide risk assess, design, implement and train workers on workplace traffic management.

This code of practice sets out the requirements of workplace traffic management in a wholistic way. This includes identifying, assessing, documenting the risks and looking at control measures to rectify these issues.

One of the most critical parts that is often over looked is the need to review the control measures and risk and ensure that they are still controlled and relevent as the business grows and evolves.

Throughout the code of practice workplace traffic management is a wide range of ideas and tips to control a wide range of risks and hazards in the business and operating facilities.

This code of practice applies to all businesses and workplace facilities from manufacturing to warehouseing and logistics to hospitals and care homes to shopping centres and markets to office car parks and mine sites.

This code of practice also applies in every state and territory in Australia and in an enforceable code of practice. What does this mean for your workplace? It means that if you dont have the required risk assessment and control measures in place you could be given a PIN notice and a short time to fix the issues associated with this or a fine will be issued on the spot for major breaches.

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