Loading Dock Safety

Warehouse dock gates

Creating Safer Loading Docks

Loading dock safety is often an overlooked area, leading to loading docks being notoriously dangerous areas.

Approximately 25% of all reported warehouse injuries occur on the loading dock, and for each accident, there are hundreds of near misses.

The good news is that many accidents are preventable with proper safety protocols in place.

Our five-step approach includes:

  1. Assessment – an assessment of your site by our experienced consultants in consultation with the relevant stakeholders to identify hazards and issues.
  2. Site Report – a risk assessment of the identified hazards to determine risk levels and potential control measures compiled into a report.
  3. Traffic Management Plan – preparation of traffic management diagrams and plans with itemised recommendations for traffic management products if required.
  4. Supply and Installation – we can supply and install the recommended loading dock safety products if required.
  5. Training – preparation of training material and assistance to communicate the plan.

Loading dock safety must be reviewed at regular intervals or when anything changes in the workplace. We not only assist with the initial assessment and planning but also provide ongoing support and assistance.

Workplace Traffic Management are market leaders in Loading Dock Compliance and have completed complex projects Australia Wide.